The Funny Side of Working from Home


Goodluck to you if you’ve been working from home. It is much harder than waking up, driving to the office and doing what you love or have been hired to do. You need discipline. You need extra doses of focus. And if you are a parent, you need creative control of the kids so they don’t stroll into your zoom meeting and become the star attraction. But you can never prepare well enough. Here are a few funny examples of the funny side of working from home:


Children interrupt BBC News interview

Remember this video, it’s an epic on what can go wrong with working from home.  This expert was being interviewed live on the BBC when his children snuck into the room—and then his wife crept in to collect them. 



“Where’s that bulldozer from?” 

An early morning audio-only conference was barely 20 minutes when the snoring sound from a staff member jolted everyone.  Intermittent at first, it became louder and sustained forcing the CEO to scream, “where is that bulldozer from?  Admin, please find who that is and mute him immediately.” To which someone quipped, “Not so fast sir. Sounds like good music.  We can enjoy it for a few minutes.” And right after, it became a rule for everyone to post a short message every 10 minutes of a zoom meeting.


“Poor Jennifer”

If you multi-task whilst on a call, make sure to turn off your camera, particularly when you’re doing something of a more “personal” matter. Or you’re top dressed only.  This detail escaped the woman we know only as “poor Jennifer,” who likely forgot her video was on when she headed to the bathroom during a Zoom video call. Watch as Jennifer’s colleagues begin slowly realising what’s going on, as Jennifer innocently asks, “What happened?” Remember to always check that camera, folks! 



No divine intervention

The current environment has most of us working in new ways, and priests aren’t exempt. This Italian priest was live-streaming mass via Facebook and accidentally turned on the filter function.  While he led the service, his face alternated between filters for 45 minutes. There’s nothing quite like watching a priest give a sermon while wearing a fedora and sunnies. 

‘Mom I am hungry and there is no food.’

Author Lisa Endlich (Goldman Sachs: The Culture of SuccessOptical Illusions: Lucent and the Crash of TelecomBe the Change) recounts, “I’m doing a live radio interview on my office phone. I do not realize that my kids have been let out of school early for a snow day and that a neighbor has brought them home. My son number two, age 10, gets on the extension and says, ‘Mom I am hungry and there is no food.’ This is on live radio. I try to get him off the line, but he continues, ‘really there is nothing to eat and they let us out before lunch was served so can we go out for pizza or something.’ He continues on until I have to use a sterner tone of voice, still on live radio, to get him off the extension.”


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