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We create affordable voice and data solutions connecting people and businesses

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Fibre optics implementation

Fibre optics implementation and maintenance services

Rural Telephony Network

End-to-end telecommunication infrastructure services

Broadband Internet Services

Wireless solutions that connect people and businesses

Data and Switching centers

Design and construction of data and switching centers

Creating an edge in rural telephony

Raeanna is a telecoms infrastructure company that creates affordable voice and data solutions, so you can connect and grow. We deploy innovative wireless solutions that connect people and businesses especially in remote communities. Our services enhance the quality of life of the people and communities we serve.

High quality telecommunication solutions at cost effective rates

Raeanna provides end-to-end telecommunication infrastructure services in rural telephony network operation, colocation services, fibre optics implementation and maintenance services, and IDA services to the Nigerian market. Our relationship with leading technology companies locally and internationally, guarantee utmost quality and on-time delivery

Our Track Record

Over the years we have worked with the following operators
  • Mobile Internet adoption in Africa continues to grow rapidly; the number of mobile Internet subscribers tripled in the last five years to 300 million by the end of 2015, with an additional 250 million expected by 2020

    2016 GSMA Mobile Economy Africa Report
  • With more than half of the population yet to subscribe to a mobile service, the challenge for Africa is to overcome the barriers to connecting the unconnected and unlock the economic potential of increased connectivity.

    2016 GSMA Mobile Economy Africa Report
  • Mobile learning, either alone or in combination with existing education approaches, is supporting and extending education in ways not possible before.