We provide optimal telecommunication infrastructure leveraging cutting edge technology to meet mobile network operator’s objectives.

Providing Optimal Telecommunication

Installation of Cellular Towers
Raeanna has extensive experience in tower and site analysis (land surveys, environmental site assessment, geo-technical analysis and permitting) to site acquisition, site development, construction management and equipment installation.

Colocation Service
Colocation allows multiple mobile telecommunications antennas of mobile network operators, internet service providers, or private entities such as banks, oil companies and government agencies, to be mounted at a single tower site. Raeanna owns and manages more than 2,500 sites in Nigeria and continues to add on a need to basis.

Managed Services
We manage and maintain telecommunication infrastructure on behalf of clients, providing the technical capacity, expertise and flexibility to meet their most challenging objectives.

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Providing Quality Telecommunications products & services

We enable people and communities with affordable tele-connectivity solutions.