Raeanna leverages smart off-grid power solutions to bring rural telephony and wireless broadband access to unconnected communities across Sub-Saharan Africa. Our services bridge the gap in broadband penetration and bring the people into the digital economy.

Enabling Rural Telephony

To enable rural telephony, we work with global partners ClearBlue Technologies and Nuran Wireless to deploy remote wireless networks in unserved and underserved communities and connect them to the core broadband network of mobile operators most cost-effectively. All our sites are remotely monitored with 24/7 support centres and 99% uptime.

We are currently in 10 countries and plan to go into eight more by 2021. In the next phase, Raeanna plans to enable new services for e-learning, e-health and e-commerce at these sites, which will transform these rural communities and make them part of the wider economy.

Raeanna supports its partner mobile network operators with sim sales, registration and swap, recharge card sales and distribution, customer care centres and provision of affordable handsets to customers.

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Providing Quality Telecommunications products & services

We enable people and communities with affordable tele-connectivity solutions.