Fibre optic networks enable real-time access to business and consumer applications, social media, streaming video, websites, and many other bandwidth-intensive services.

Fibre Optic Solutions

Raeanna provides fibre optics and networking solutions for wholesale and last mile connectivity. It is the first company in Nigeria with an open access fibre licence.

The company has up to 25,000km cumulative fibre optic cables in managed service with 6,000km managed for Globacom, a major mobile network operator in Nigeria.

Last mile connectivity offers great opportunities for people and businesses looking to deliver high-speed broadband connections to homes and businesses. Raeanne will provide last mile services through its sister company, Torrent Wireless, which holds a national ISP licence issued by the NCC. The company will bring high speed internet services to homes and business and deliver unrivaled proficiency in data, voice and video services.


Providing Quality Telecommunications products & services

We enable people and communities with affordable tele-connectivity solutions.